give Trinamool Congress-MGP alliance a chance appealed MGP Supremo and MLA Sudin Dhavalikar



In Goa and Mapusa, people have seen BJP and Congress rule and this time they should give Trinamool Congress-MGP alliance a chance appealed MGP Supremo and MLA Sudin Dhavalikar. He also, appealed to the people of Mapusa to elect Adv.Tarak Arolkar. He was talking to reporters at Mapusa. He participated in the campaign of Adv. Tarak Arolkar. Before that he went to Bodgeshwar Devasthan and prayed to God Bodgeshwar for the victory of the alliance.. Adv. Tarak Arolkar, Mapusa MGP block committee office bearers and workers were also present on this occasion.
Former MLA and retired Justice Ferdino Rebello said the MGP government was the best government in Goa since 1963. It is time for the people of Gomantak to give MGP – TMC alliance a chance once again, said Dhavalikar.
Mapusa is traditionally a MGP constituency. But this year, we have decided to give it to the Trinamool Congress. The decision was taken after deliberations by the Central Committee of Mago. Adv. Tarak Arolkar is the right candidate and everyone should stand behind him and get him elected, said Dhavalikar.
The political careers of many who betrayed the MGP Party have come to an end. Many such leaders including former minister Adv. Ramakant Khalap, Adv. Dayanand Narvekar. Today, with the blessings of God Bodgeshwar, we have prayed for the success of the alliance, said Dhavalikar.
In the country and in Goa, the BJP’s double engine government has affected the people. Inflation is skyrocketing today. Unemployment has risen and a large number of young people are sitting at home.Demonitisation and improper imposition of GST has broken the backbone of traders. The rates of petrol, diesel, LPG gas cylinders are increasing and it has become difficult to run a house. For this, the MGP-Trinamool alliance should be given a chance this year.
Today Adv. Arolkar preached in Ward No.10. Along with him, Sudin Dhavalikar and Tushar Tople also participated in the campaign. At this time, Shri Vitthal Rakhumai went to the temple and took darshan of God.
Meanwhile, taxi drivers in Mapusa have announced their support to Adv. Tarak Arolkar yesterday. Adv. Arolkar has said that he will try to solve their questions and problems.

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