ALDONA: Senior Congress election observer P Chidambaram said that people should only vote for the Congress party if they want a change.

He was speaking while campaigning door to door with Aldona Congress candidate Carlos Alvares Ferreira in Olaulim.

“People have realised that the 10 years of the BJP government have been a total misrule and misgovernance. On every front it has slid – be it economy, security, environment, development, education, etc. People have realised that it was the Congress government that has built Goa over 40 years. They want a change and the obvious choice is the Congress,” he said.

Chidambaram said that people have also realised that voting for any other small party that has come from Delhi or West Bengal is equal to voting for NOTA.

“It will have no effect at all, it will have no purpose at all. I think people are realising that it is the Congress that is the alternative to the BJP. Around 65 to 70 percent of the people of Goa want a change and they will vote for the Congress. I am very happy with our support, which is increasing everyday. I have great pleasure walking on the streets of Aldona canvassing for my good friend and prominent lawyer Carlos Ferreira, who is known as a friend of the poor, and a friend of the public interest litigant,” he said.

Stating that there are only two choices, the former Union finance minister said, “If you want the misrule to continue, people will vote for the BJP. If you want a change, then the only party you must vote for is the Congress. No other party can form the government. BJP would like the votes to split and it will indulge in its usual mischief of buying MLAs. Vote for Congress. Give us an absolute majority and we will replace the BJP and give a good government for five years.”

During his campaign trail, Adv Carlos offered prayers at Shri Ram Panchayatan Saunsthan at Pomburpa.

Chairman of Congress media cell Amarnath Panjikar and other party workers were also present.

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