AAP, TMC leaders joins Congress; appeals not to split votes


PANAJI: Former leaders of AAP and TMC, who joined Congress on Friday, have appealed to people of Goa not to split votes by falling prey to B teams of BJP. “Only Congress can protect Goa and take care of citizens.” They said.

Bruno Fernandes, former General Secretary of AAP from Aldona, and Succor Seby Menezes, former secretary of TMC, joined Congress party in the presence of Aldona candidate Adv. Carlos Alvares Ferreira, Panajim candidate Elvis Gomes, North Goa President Vijay Bhike, Aldona Block Congress President Ashwin De Souza, Observers Prakash Rathod and Ivan Dsouza.

Bruno Fernandes said that he had joined AAP as Arvind Kejriwal had promised to bring change by giving tickets to clean candidates. “The candidates chosen by AAP have a criminal background.” He said.

“Congress is the only secular party and has always worked in the best interest of the public. I appeal to the people of Goa to vote for Congress. Don’t give scope to divide votes.”Fernandes said.

Succor Seby Menezes said that Congress contribution to Goa is commendable and hence people are getting attracted to this party. “I will only appeal to Goa to vote Congress. I realized that TMC is here to divide votes, hence I resigned from that party.” Menezes said.

Adv. Carlos Alvares Ferreira said that joining these leaders will help Congress to grow and strengthen. “Congress has changed. This is the new Congress.” He said.

He alleged that BJP sold the jobs and deprived the deserving candidates.

Rathod said that hardcore workers of BJP, AAP and TMC are joining Congress as they know that only this party can serve people of Goa.

Elvis Gomes said that joining of these leaders will help him. “Congress party is winning with a majority.” He said.

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