Goencho Swabhiman party unveils people centric manifesto for calangute constituency


Calangute : Goencho swabhiman party’s candidate for calangute constituency on Friday unveiled his manifesto that outlines his vision to make calangute constituency shine again. A revamp and facelift will be given to the constituency with the introduction of three new concepts that includes sports, tourism, heritage toursim and art and culture tourism.

commenting on his vision for calangute constituency Roshan said that after speaking to constituents and taking their feedback on the plethora of travails that plagues them we have formulated a people centric manifesto

ultimately we are trying to rejuvenate calangute constituency and offer the residents well thoguh out solutions actoss the board in areas that include law and order, education, toruism Job governance and infrastructure developement amongst others.
“given that our constituency is predominatly focussed on tourism we want to clean up the exisitng tourism model and intorduce three new secrtors of focus that will boost buisness economy and highlight local talent” said mathias in a media briefing

speaking further he said that tourists come to goa to experience our quint essentially Goan culture heritage and foor which we need to re-package to showcase the base of Goa

” my personal commitment to my constituents is that we will give to the work a fresh calangute constituency and empower the people with the right tools, infrastructure and resources for a quality life”said mathias

“safety of women and children is a big concern for us and we have laid down initiatives that we believe will be critical in addressing this issue” he further said

“I urge the people to please give yourself and your loved ones a chance to be served a chance to experience honest politics and together we can breathe new life into our constituency which needs a change desperately lets come together to make constituency shine again” he further said.

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