Aldona Congress candidate promises to rectify error-ridden plans for Goa


Mapusa : The Aldona Congress candidate Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira assures to protect Goa from the threats of the error- filled plans of the BJP and re-examine the existing issues plaguing the state.
“Errors made will be rectified and we will get back our powers which have been sold away by the BJP-led government. We will make sure that the three linear projects are rejected and the Goa is saved from further destruction,” said Adv Carlos who is the Former Advocate General, Government of Goa and prominent High Court lawyer.
“People will not gamble their votes this time. They will think of saving Goa and the future of the youth before casting their vote this time. Congress will come back victorious to conquer the state,” said Carlos who urged people to vote for the ‘hand’ symbol for a corrupt-free government in Goa during his second last day of campaigning.
Carlos has completed 95 percent of the booths in the constituency.
Outlining his vision for Aldona constituency, Adv Carlos said that roads, power, water supply and education will be given top priority during his term as MLA. He will try to help as many people as possible, and create employment opportunities which has not been done during the last ten years in Aldona.
The biggest problem in the state and in Aldona is recruitment and the youth are disappointed.
“My goal is to build a new Aldona driven by the strength of the youth. They will be provided jobs in the government or the private sector. Youth need to be attended to on top priority as they are the future. I will ensure to do what is required to fulfil their aspirations,” said Carlos.
“I will work towards attaining a greener, cleaner and healthier Aldona. My goal is to see a smile on the face of everyone from this constituency which I promise to serve in humility irrespective of their caste, creed and religion,” he added.
Carlos also expressed opposition to the proposed expansion of the jetty in Aldona village which he believes will eventually be used to facilitate the transportation of coal”he added.

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