Rahul Gandhi endorses Students Manifesto prepared by NSUI Goa


CURCHOREM: The Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi on Friday released ‘Students Manifesto’ and commended the efforts of NSUI.

NSUI Goa President Naushad Chowdhari and other members were present on the occasion.

Rahul Gandhi interacted with members of NSUI and guided them in their future projects .

“We were happy to release the Students Manifesto at the hands of Rahul Gandhi. He commended our efforts to protect the rights of the student community.” Chowdhari told media persons.

NSUI has promised a modern educational hub studded with autonomous educational institutions in their manifesto.

Free Education to poor and deserving students till Graduation, Internet connectivity to each and every student for online and distance education, Higher education beyond Degree level shall be covered under Interest -free loan schemes and scholarships are some of the promises made in manifesto.

Chowdhari said that educational institutions should be upgraded so as to be on par with some of the best institutions in the country. “we have mentioned this point in our manifesto and once the Congress government comes to power, we will request our leadership to take these concepts forward.” He said.

He said that they will provide free WIFI in village libraries, Panchayat Halls and educational institutions.

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