PANAJI: Businessman Vinayak Jagganath Fadte stated that he has filed an appeal in the assault case involving Congress Cumbharjua candidate Rajesh Faldessai in the Supreme Court and that the candidate has not been discharged by the apex court in the serious criminal case. Fadte also stated that he has not compromised with Faldessai in the matter.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Fadte and his family urged the electorate of Cumbharjua constituency to think wisely before casting their vote for Faldessai due to his criminal antecedents.

Fadte had sustained grievous injuries in an attack on his life in February, 2010, in which he lost his right arm. The police had at that time stated that a supari was given to kill Fadte and had arrested Faldessai and other persons in the case. Subsequently, the high court had discharged Faldessai in the matter.

However, the family has challenged the high court order and filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court.

“A few days ago, Faldessai addressed a press conference stating that he was dragged in the criminal matter and that he has been discharged in the case by the high court. He has also claimed that we have amicably settled the matter among us. However, he is spreading falsehood. My family suffered immensely after the attack on my life. My kids were very young. I subsequently lost my right hand and I am now using a prosthetic arm,” he said.

Fadte said that he had started a business with Faldessai at that time and had lent him money, and the attack was carried out as Faldessai failed to return it.

“I urge Cumbharjua citizens to think wisely before voting for this person. He is involved in numerous illegal activities, and If he comes to power, the future of our children is in jeopardy,” Fadte said.

Fadte’s counsel, advocate Rohan Dessai said that despite all the evidence with the investigating authorities, some of the accused got a discharge in the sessions court.

“Faldessai was the prime accused in the case and charges were framed against him. The case was challenged in the high court, but the investigation was not done properly, and hence he was discharged. The state government did not file an appeal, and my client had to approach the apex court,” he said.

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