Dangerous Water lilies along the side of the river tar in Mapusa posing threat to acquatic life


locals of Mapusa have raised their strong concerns over the growth of dangerous water lilies along the tributary of Tar river further leading towards Moira river in Bardez which could pose a threat to the aquatic life in the river.

It was noticed that a large stretch of the river has been completely covered with a thick layer of water lilies which has marred the beauty of the river. The tar river in Mapusa is a famous Ganesh idol immersion spot and is also rich in a lot of marine life and the formation of water lilies could pose a serious threat to the aquatic life inside the river .

a local shekar Naik said that the thick vegetation of the water lilies which almost resembles like a jungle has made it difficult for the locals to fish in the river as they fear that their nets could get damaged . The formation of lilies could also cause the fish could die due to lack of oxygen

“i urge the local elected body to initiate some action and to see to it that the these water lilies are cleared as soon as possible to protect the rich marine life inside the river and also the fish from dying” said naik.

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