villagers give nod to setting up of petrol pump in calangute


Calangute : Days after some farmers along with a NGO raised their objection towards setting up of a petrol pump in the fields, the villagers of calangute have given their nod for setting up petrol pump in naikavaddo Calangute as a petrol pump is the need of the hour and said that there should not be any politics played on setting up of the petrol pump

It may be recalled that a couple of local politicians along with a some people from the Calangute NGO, Calangute constituency forum were up in arms over the proposed petrol pump in the fields.

A few Locals, also came out and raised their voices against the project. The owner of the property Esmeralda Barreto alias Emma Barreto, also from Calangute and an ex-teacher in the local school from Calangute and represented by her son Rohit Barreto has clarified to the farmers and the NGO that she has all the required permissions for setting up the petrol pump and the said permissions were also displayed to the media.

The Calangute panchayat has also granted the construction license for the petrol pump by Esmeralda Josephine do Rosario Pinto Barreto.

Speaking to reporters a local Walter lobo said that the owner of the property had got the permissions from all the departments and had not used any fraudulent means to obtain the permissions. If the NGO and the said ward members feel that the Petrol pump is polluting they can approach the pollution control board or they can also challenge it in the court which they have not done ” said lobo

Another local opined that the owner setting up the petrol pump is a Goan and that Goans should be given the right to do business in our own land.

“people from Delhi are coming up and running business’s in calangute – many a time illegal also; but here a local who wants to set up a petrol pump for the benefit of the locals is facing opposition by an NGO and a ward member only for some hidden political agenda” said a local.

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