ROFINOS’ Homestay – A Perfect Holiday Getaway



A business often starts with a passion. It is this spark that drives motivation and inspiration. For Ashley Vaz, what started out as passion for hospitality eventually blossomed into a full-fledged venture.

Vaz set out to create an eco-friendly offering that provides the best experience for tourists, as well as a quiet and affordable holiday getaway in Goa. Thus, ROFINOS’ Homestay was born.

ROFINOS’ was started by Vaz in the year 2020. In fact, the name ‘ROFINOS’ is dedicated to his beloved late father Rufino Vaz. In 2018, he had started with ‘Threestar Guest House’.

Located in Guirim within driving distance of North Goa ‘s popular and bustling coastal belt, ROFINOS’ Homestay is designed to make tourists feel at home, says Vaz

The quaint yet elegant cottages overlook the lush fields, providing a peek into the vast expanse of Goa’s picturesque countryside and fresh air that soothes the soul. The comfy confines of the exquisite cottages that are built with bare stone walls lend an old-world charm and a relaxing ambience.

For the adventurous in search of thrill, special tents for outdoor camping experience are available along with a bonfire barbeque facility.

To soak up the sun and splash, visitors can hop straight into the swimming pool that the kids will particularly enjoy.

The sumptuous Goan cuisine is guaranteed to tickle the taste buds and ensure a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, while not forgetting the well-stocked bar that caters to all needs.

With an open air hall, ROFINOS’ is also an ideal place to celebrate special occasions along with loved ones.

“With dependability and top customer service, ROFINOS’ strives to ensure tourists take back happy memories of their stay,” says the successful entrepreneur.

For more details and queries contact 9822143792

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