BJP’s mission commission causes 4 crore loss to state exchequer



PANAJI: GPCC Media Department Chairman Amarnath Panjikar on Thursday alleged that BJP’s mission commission over awarding tender, of using electric poles for cable networks, to relative of saffron party has caused four crore loss to state exchequer.

Panjikar on Thursday addressed a press conference in Panaji and demanded enquiry into the tender awarded to use electricity Poles for advertising boards and Internet, local tv channels cables.

Congress Spokesperson Tanvir Khatib, pradip Naik and Himanshu Tivrekar were present on the occasion.

Panajikar said that the tender has been awarded with an intention to help relatives of BJP’s Mahamantri.

Panajikar said that the Electricity Department from the last six years was taking rent from various vendors across Goa through various subdivisions. “However it stopped collecting rent from last one year, so that they can award the same to their crony capitalist friend.” He said.

According to him, the rent amount was taken in advance by the electricity department from all the parties using poles. But now on the instruction of the BJP government the department has very secretly awarded the tender to one firm at a minimum price of 2 crore to collect the rent.

He informed that whilst the department was collecting the rent, around 6 to 8 crores were accumulated. “Now BJP has given this work of collection rent to their relative for mere 2 crores. Hence the State exchequer will face a loss of more than four crores.” He pointed out.

Panjikar has demanded to scrap this process as the tendering process was done illegally. “ Thorough investigation of this whole process should be done.” He said.

He said that though Goa Cable TV Network and Service Association has requested a number of times to pay heed to their problems, the BJP government had failed to resolve their issue and help them.

“Govt sidelined them only to make their crony capitalist friend happy.” He said.

Panajikar assured to resolve all issues in this area and to allow underground cabling wherever required once Congress forms government.

Meanwhile, Tanvir Khatib demanded to bring back Goans staying in Ukraine. “Russia has attacked Ukraine. Despite knowing this double engine government is not taking any step to bring our Goans back.” He lamented.

Pradip Naik said that the delimitation process of Panchayat wards should be done in a transparent way and people should be taken in confidence.

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