Hindu organisations hold protest against the killing of Harsha Nagraj in Karnataka


Mapusa : The assassination of a leader of the Hindu Dharma Harsha Nagraj, in Shimoga, Karnataka, has drawn the ire of all Hindus and there is no possibility of action being taken against fanatics in this case as the government is sympathising with minorities said representatives of vatrious hindu organisations.

protesting against this slanderous act, all Hindus in the country should be armed and ready to resist such incidents, this was decided at a protest meeting held on Thursday at Mapusa it was decided to keep the sub-yard closed for one day to protest against this act
Representatives of various Hindu organizations were speaking at a meeting organized by Hindu Raksha Maha Abhiyan in front of the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at Hutatma Chowk in Mapusa. Shiv Sena state chief Jitesh Kamat said that since the government is treating the people with kindness, some of the opponents’ religion should not get strength as a similar incident took place at Sancoale and a case was registered against that religious fanatic.
Ramesh Naik said that deceitful people have to be taught a lesson and inorder to preserve the country and religion to destroy the ungodly they have to be up in arms against such people going in violation of the law.
The representatives of various organisations demanded for a death penalty for those who killed Harsha Nagaraja for no reason.

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