MAPUSA:The North Goa District Congress President,Vijay Bhike demanded the postponement of offline exams for students of classes 10 and 12. We will write to the Education Department to take the necessary action in this matter.
He stated that since their classes were held online due to the pandemic, taking offline exams would be unfair to them. Parents and students urge the government to reconsider its decision to hold the boards exams scheduled to be held next month.
“The exams should be postponed or an alternate assessment method for the board exams needs to be adopted.Holding physical exams during the pandemic will be a threat to their lives as most of thr students are not yet fully vaccinated, ” said Bhike while addressing the press at Mapusa on Saturday.
The final examination results of the first term has not yet been declared. Students as well as parents are anxious as they do not know their standings. At the same time students are uncertain whether prelims will be held before their board examination.
“Some of the students claimed that their syllabus was completed haphazardly via the online teaching method. While others point out it was difficult to concentrate and understand what was taught during the online classes due to network issues, ” he added.
He also stated that students would find it difficult to sit for board examinations with minimal preparation while coping with a learning gap after almost two years of school shutdown.
One can recall that a petition has been filed in court requesting that the CBSE and other educational boards, which have suggested offering board exams in an offline format for classes 10 and 12, devise alternative evaluation methods.
For the last two years the government has only been announcing the opening and closing of educational institutions.
“The students, parents and teachers should have been taken into confidence before taking a decision to hold offline exams.
We would like to advice the educational department and government to reschedule the exams. There is a need to take a collective decision to ensure that no student is at a disadvantage as it is their future which is at stake, ” other Office bearers present were GS North Goa district congress committee
Adv. Jitendra Gaokar , Treasure Mitali Gadekar ,And Secretary Sachin Kitlekar signed off Bhike.

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