Goencho Swabhiman Party launches women’s wing titled ‘Goenchi Nari’ Pledges commitment to empowering women in all aspects of their life


Mapusa: Goencho Swabhiman Party (GSP) on Tuesday formally launched its women’s wing, titled ‘Goenchi Nari by GSP’.

The wing was Unveiled by Swapnesh President of GSP Swapnesh Sherlekar, , at a press conference held on Women’s Day, Goenchi Nari is a movement dedicated to empowering women in all aspects of their life.

Speaking on the occasion, Swapnesh said: ‘On this special day, we pay homage to women across Goa and celebrate the significant role they play and their meaningful contribution to

“Given the barrage of problems that women are facing in Goa, we would like to offer them a platform so that they can use their voice to be part of the change they would like to see” he said

As Goa’s regional party that is solely focused on safeguarding and protecting the
interests of Goans, GSP’s objective is to ensure that women across Goa experience true empowerment. This will truly enable them to raise the quality of their lives and achieve their true potential. Goenchi Nari will be committed to taking up any issue that plagues the lives of Goan women, such as lack of access to education, career and financial goals, women’s safety, mental health and family issues amongst others.

Today, I extend an invitation to women from all across Goa, to be part of this movement by joining Goenchi Nari” he further said

Let your voice count. Together, we can all make a difference.’’

The event was attended by Goenchi Nari Executive Members Regina Fernandes, Naisa Lotlikar, Pooja Naik, Alice Mathias and Sweety Volvoikar amongst others.

As a well-known singer in Goa, Naisa spoke about how women can earn a good living by developing their skills and utilizing their talents. Alice released Goenchi Nari’s dedicated number 9529414211, that women can call should they require any assistance.

She also urged professionals and experts in various fields to come together and extend their support for the betterment of underprivileged women in Goa.

Sweety Volvoikar, an Accountant by profession said ’For true empowerment, financial freedom is incredibly important. Part of our goal is to help women from all walks of life to achieve this freedom, which doesn’t necessarily come from just a job. Going down the entrepreneurial route can be exceedingly rewarding and a worthwhile pursuit that many women haven’t given serious thought to. What does it take to become a successful female entrepreneur? She said

“At Goenchi Nari, we endeavour to educate women on how they can become
business founders and the various ways they can raise funds for their start-ups, whether it’s through angel investors, government schemes, bank loans or even crowd-funding.’’ said naik

Pooja Naik said: ‘’Law and order in the state has broken down, as witnessed by the steep
rise in crime. In fact, according to police data, Goa registers four crimes against women every week since 2017. Therefore women safety is of paramount importance to us at Goenchi Nari Our first priority is to educate women on how to seek justice and to ensure that police stations can offer a women-friendly environment to those who visit to report crimes she said citing an example, about how when a woman goes to the police station to report a crime there are
no proper facilities such as separate women’s cell or even separate washrooms.
Many a time women are kept waiting for hours and there is a delay in filing an FIR, as there are no lady police staff to take care of the issue.

At GSP, we have worked towards the safety of women before, and in our manifesto we pledged to introduce a women and Child safety bill. Our women’s cell will tirelessly continue this fight.’’ she said.

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