North Goa district president Vijai bhike has said that the failure of the congress party cadre to give tickets to the loyal party workers is what proved costly to the congress party in the just concluded assembly elections


Addressing a news conference at Mapusa north Goa district President vijai bhike said that during the ticket distribution the party cadre should have seen that it is loyalty to the party which counts
“We had even told the election observer P Chidambaram that it is loyalty to the party which counts first, but during this elections we have noticed that loyal party supporters were denied a ticket and instead party tickets were given to those who have defected from other parties which has proved costly for us” said bhike
Most of the candidates in the congress party were imports from other parties while other candidates who had supported defectors were also accommodated within the party which hampered the congress party’s winning prospects in this elections” bhike further said
Speaking further bhike reiterated that in these elections the people were looking out for candidates who were loyal to the party should be in the legislative assembly whether he is in power or not in power
“I feel that the party cadre failed to look at the loyal party workers and so the voters took advantage of it and voted for another party which proved costly for the congress party” Bhike further said
Speaking further bhike said that the BJP managed to control politics very well by taking the help of other parties as their proxies” said bhike
First I feel that we took a wrong decision by having an alliance with Goa forward as the alliance did not benefit the congress party in anyway but it’s just that another party took advantage of it.

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