Villagers of Anjuna have raised their voice against loud music being played beyond the requisite decibels by a restaurant causing noise pollution and have demanded with the competent authorities to initiate action and get rid of the noise pollution



In their complaint to the Goa state pollution control board the locals of Anjuna have pointed out to the extreme Loud music beyond the requisite decibels played by a restaurant every evening from 17:30 hrs to 00:00 hrs located at St. Anthony Praias Vaddo, ward No. 11, in Anjuna Bardez Goa.

in their complaint the locals have pointed out that the extreme loud music which is played at a Restaurant is becoming a big noise pollution in their village

“It is quite a fact that we are the residents (Locals) here and in our Vaddo there are old age people, sick people, middle age people, working people who cannot tolerate such nuisance all the time” said a local

Besides so many requests we put up to the owners of the restaurant to lower their music they still play the loud music every evening from 17:00 hrs to 00:00 hrs. Even after repetitive complaints to the police station they lower the music for some time and then again it’s increased back but to no avail” said another local

the locals in their complaint have further pointed out that they are facing many problems such as mental torture, loss of sleep, peace of mind, unable to work from home, loss of business as even the guests don’t want to stay in our guest houses due to the the loud music wich is causing and health hazards, that people in our Vaddo are facing due to the Loud music issue.

another local Mr. Menino D’sa told who is a retired PSI and residing right opposite to the restaurant has taken a voluntarily retirement due to health reasons but because of this loud music he is not able to rest well and his health is affected even more.

According to the rules of the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules 2000, the noise limit for residential areas in the day is set at 55 decibels (A), while in the night at 45 decibels (A) whereas Purple Martini 2 is playing music at above 70 decibels reaching to 100 decibels and even more.

the locals have demanded with the pollution control board to Kindly take necessary action and help them get rid of the noise pollution under section 8 (regulation and control) Rules 2000 and section 6 and 25 of the environment protection act, 1986 as early as possible.

copies of the complaint have also been sent to the Anjuna Police Station, sarpanch of Anjuna-Caisua Village Panchayat, Deputy Collector, North Goa, Mapusa and DYSP, Mapusa Police Station.

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