Siolim MLA Delilah Lobo said that women empowerment is of utmost importance inorder to make the motto of Swayampurna Goa a success in the state


Lobo was speaking to reporters after inaugrating the first first ever ‘kayaking tournament organised by KSR water sports. also present were Marna Siolim Sarpanch Sharmila Vernekar founder and chief executive of KSR sports Archana Phadte president of Swami Samarth math Nilesh Vernekar and others

” this is the first time in the history of siolim that we are having this Kayaking competetion and that too in siolim and this time a women has taken up the challange to organise such a tournament along this with a beautiful chapora river which is apt for kayaking” said Lobo

“I welcome all the participants for the first ever Kayaking competition which is going to be held in siolim constituency said delilah and added that that the moto of swyampurna Goa will become a sucess only when women come forward to show thier their buisness and showcase their skills and I am here to help them” Lobo further said

sarpanch of Marna siolim also appreciated Archana Phadte for taking the initiative of starting her kayaking business and appealed to all the women to come forward and take benefit of the facility.

” there was not a single women who thought of this dream to release the boats in the sea and impart training on kayaking but it was archana who took the lead to impart this training and we are thankful to her” said Vernekar

Organiser of the tournament Archana Phadte thanked all the participants for taking part in this competition and hoped that the tournament goes well without any hesitation.

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