Mapusa: Aldona Congress MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira said that engineers of various departments will be severely reprimanded if developmental works are found to be substandard.

“I have told the engineers that they will get a free hand to do their job. I will not entertain any talk of commissions or anything of that sort for undertaking any work. I want quality, or else the engineers will be pulled up,” he said.

The Aldona legislator was speaking after inaugurating the hotmixing work from Moira bridge to Bastora Tar junction on Tuesday morning. The work is being taken up at a cost of Rs 84 lakhs.

“We will focus on development works. During my campaign, I had said that improvement of roads will be my priority. Roads are important for the people. Apart from highways and main roads, even smaller internal roads need attention. We are going to have a meeting with the road engineers and draw up a list of such roads that need to be improved so that even the poor people will benefit. We will put up a proposal for this and get it passed,” he said.

Later in the evening, Adv Ferreira oversaw the commencement of improvement pond work in survey no.78 at Bastora. Officials of the water resources department were also present. The work is being taken up at a cost of Rs 20 lakh.

“This will help recharging the groundwater table,” he said.

On Wednesday, the Congress MLA said that he will visit the water body near Tar bridge, where there is overgrowth of water hyacinth.

“These weeds are harmful to the ecology, and this affects fish and other species. We will plan for a final solution to this problem, however it needs to be cleaned now as the Mapusa river can get choked and this can cause flooding and ultimately lead to an environmental disaster. I am also taking the help of the Navy. We are taking up this work on top priority as this is an emergency, and with panchayat elections approaching, the code of conduct will hamper developmental works. We will try to finish this work before the monsoon,” he said, and also urged citizens to inform him of any emergency works that need to be taken up.

Ferreira also urged citizens not to pollute water bodies and assured to identify springs that need to be cleaned.

As part of pre-monsoon works, Adv Ferreira said a review meeting with all departments will be held, particularly electricity. “There are frequent power disruptions and this needs to be tackled.

“There are frequent power disruptions and this needs to be tackled,” he said.

On the crime scenario, Adv Ferreira said that he will not tolerate thuggery in Aldona constituency. “On the day my result was declared outside the counting hall, I had said that such things will not be tolerated. Aldona will regain its former pride, not only in Goa, but throughout the world. I have even directed the police that I will not interfere in their duty. Aldona is a peace-loving place. So many writers, artists, etc, are coming here for its natural beauty. We should promote good things in our constituency. When people are unemployed, they resort to criminal activities. We must help the youth to get jobs and be busy,” he said.

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