‘’Is BJP trying to make up the money spent during the elections by hiking fuel and LPG prices?’’ asks Goencho Swabhiman Party


Goencho Swabhiman Party (GSP), Goa’s regional party, condemned the BJP for reneging on its manifesto promises, with the swift hike in fuel and LPG prices. Swapnesh Sherlekar, President of GSP asked: ‘’Now that the elections are over, is the BJP trying to make up for all the money they spent, by inflicting greater financial misery on the average Goan? ’’
‘’Such is the arrogance of the BJP, that even whilst there is alleged in-fighting in the party, they have decided to break their promises to the electorate. This is absolutely unacceptable. We urge the BJP government to take cognisance of the tremendous pressure that Goans are under and offer them some financial relief. Having won the mandate of the people, the BJP has to now work in the interests of the people, instead of squeezing them for every last drop. As Goa’s regional party that is focused on uplifting the lives of Goans, we pledge to continue our fight on the issues and challenges that plague the people’s day-to-day lives ‘’ concluded Swapnesh Sherlekar.
‘’The BJP hasn’t even formed the government as yet, and in its inimitable style has managed to heap even more suffering on the electorate by making basic necessities unaffordable. As it is, Goans are battling increasing financial pressures due to double digit inflation being witnessed in the state. This is largely due to the ill-thought out policies of the BJP, who have proven yet again that they are truly the party for crony capitalists, instead of the average Goan. Unfortunately, Goans have got a raw deal once again, with a government that makes no bones about being absolutely anti-people in its governance and policies. With unemployment crossing 12 percent in February 2022, Goan youth are facing a bleak and dismal future ’’ Roshan Mathias, Vice-President, GSP said.
Commenting on the impact to women, Carmen Correia, Executive Member of Goenchi Nari said: ‘’As the women’s cell of GSP, we have been encouraging self-help groups to augment their income by taking orders for home-made food and snacks. These price hikes hamper Modi’s vision for Atmanirbhar or the Chief Minister’s Swayampurna. Ultimately, women pay the ultimate price as it hinders her ability to become self-reliant.’’

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