In order to facilitate smooth collection of Garbage Pilerne Marra Panch karan Govenkar has donated a garbage collection trolley to the contractor who collects garbage for nova cidade enclave ward in Pilerne


The main purpose behind giving the gargage collection trolley was to help the garbage collectors who were using thier bare hands to pick up and clean waste which was not only unhygenic but could also lead to the spread of diseases so keeping all these factors in mind the garbage trolleys will become all the more important especially in sorting disposing and managing garbage. equipped with wheels these trolleys can be moved around easily and can be used easily to pick up and transfer garbage from individual houses to pick up trucks and from there to the sorting facilities. these trollyes can also be used by garbage contractors for efficient door to door waste pick up and segregation.

“on the occasion of my birth day and the occasion of holi I donated a garbage collection trolley in my panchayat ward this will be of a big help to our garbage collection person to clear garbage and will also save the garbage bins from getting damaged very soon” said panch member karan Govekar

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