the luxury symposium a cultural collaboration of beauty, design, fashion and creative artforms commenced on saturday at the Hilton hotel Goa resort, the symposium will end on Sunday


some of most renowned names from india and abroad are attending and participating in the event. the luxury league is a non profit foundation, and India’s first most powerful and influential platform for branding culture as luxury engaged in branding india globally. the foundation serves as a standard bearer to promote Indian arts, craft and heritage and is a global ambassador for indian culture. the foundation also aims to create an environment conducive to creative thinking through dialogue and exchange of Ideas amongst like minded people, purveyors of luxury, global decision makers and the government. A consortium of decision makers, artisans, craftsmen, corporate global brands, consumers as well as the government have come togather on the same platform to reimagine the connotations of luxury in a global context
the luxury symposium 2022 is a finely crafted conference a dynamic podium with interactive discussions between the stalwarts, world class creative thinkers, international buisness leaders entrepreneurs investors and government officials on one platform. the symposium will serve as a platform to seek collaborations between global cultures and create a pool of strength through joint ventures and mutual learning as well as celebrating the importance of design and innovation

lets reimagine luxury in the india context . the luxury league promotes luxury as a powerful agent of change through India art and craft. our endeavour is to strenghten the voice of India by showcasing our artistic talents and brands” founder of the luxury league Ritu beri stated

the showcase 2022 the objective of this display exhibit platform is to promote brands that bring glory to India and strenghten the voice of india globally.

this year there are global brands representing beauty, textiles, accessories and many more.

hon minister of culture and external affairs Meenakshi Lekhi was the chief guest at the event.

the event also has the support of the minstry of tourism of India and ministry of skill developement and entrepreneurship. Her Royal highness queen Diambi Kabatusuila of congo was the guest of honor

powered by the luxury league the event also had panel discussions on luxury that is key to a nations branding the principal partner; Parcos, Hospitality partner Hilton Goa resort, Showcase partner Posro the other associates include kingfisher, lyndon alves of sunset Getaways, Marc Robinson, Barney’s Hard seltzer, Hera, Sun estates, Jasbir Gill and Cryptomize

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