The Mapusa Municipal Council on Tuesday passed a surplus budget for the financial year 2022- 2023


After addressing the council, chairperson Shubanghi Vaignakar presented a surplus budget, wherein consolidated opening balance stands at Rs 4.451.85 crore,while receipts for the year 2022-23 stands at Rs 59.231 crore and the total expenditure is Rs 548.212.00

During the debate on the Budget, councillors picked holes in the financial estimates, while also urging the chairperson to take urgent and effective steps to shore up the municipal coffers.
opposition Councillors Shashannk narvekar and Shudhir kandolkar criticized the budget as “directionless” .

“This budget is unrealistic as the figures shown as estimated revenue have been inflated three-fold when the municipality could not even generate a fraction of the targeted revenue projected in last year’s budget,” Narvekar said at the budget meeting

The council, for the next financial year, has estimated an income of Rs 10 crore from imposition of house tax on illegal hosues houses Rs 18 crore from garbage tax from house tax bill , Rs 45 crore in form taxes on houses and lands Rs 13 crorein the form of income from market sopo, Rs 35 crore in form of construction licence fees, and Rs 20 crore in form of transfer fees of flats, and shops.

While commenting on the budget, Narvekar also expressed unhappiness over the previous council’s provision for development of garden, and allocation for street lighting infrastructure, which could not be fully utilised.

we feel that there is a deficit due to the lack of recovery, as the council is facing problem in paying the salary of the staff as they are borrowing the amount from the state government so if we don’t have amount to pay salary so we don’t generate revenue as the assessment on house tax and illegal structures has not been done” said Narvekar.

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