A rave party which has been going on for the past three days at a place called Dreambeach on the Vagator beach without any illegal permits, is becoming a nightmare for ordinary tourists who come to the beach as well as for the locals who come for their regular walks in the morning



Ordinary tourists who come for a walk on the shore in the early hours of the morning when the rave party starts are forbidden by the bouncers of the organizers to walk on the shore also the tourists attending the rave party carry their two-wheelers and four-wheelers to the shore, but on their way back in the morning they carry them straight to the shore without any caution to the lives of ordinary tourists and so the pedestrians have to be scared to step aside.

No one dares to complain as the rave party on the coast is being organized by some hooligans with the help of foreign nationals “siad a local

the villagers and ordinary tourists are demanding that the police bring this practice under control.

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