Panaji: Congress Aldona MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira said that people in his constituency can submit their grievances via WhatsApp, and assured to take action on it.

“We will put in place a system for people to submit their problems, and we will follow it up. People can even make a phone call or send a text message via WhatsApp and submit their grievances. We will enter it in the system, and take action on it. We will revert back with a phone call or message on the current status. People need not come repeatedly to remind us as some issues can take time to resolve. We want to do good, and revive the glory of the constituency.” he said.

Ferreira was speaking after inaugurating his MLA office for the constituents on Saturday.

The office is located at Hilltop Avenue, near St Thomas Higher Secondary School, Santarxette, Aldona.

“This office is for the people of Aldona. I have been elected to serve the people,” he said.

The office will be a contact point for people to meet him and resolve issues, Ferreira said, and added that another office will be opened soon.

“Our constituency is divided in the Mapusa area due to the highway. People in Shetyewaddo and Acoi, Camarcazan will face problems in meeting me. Hence, I will accordingly set up another office for these people so that I can serve them better,” he said.

The Aldona MLA also said that he has made a requisition to the government to appoint an Aldona resident, Siddesh Nagde, as his Personal Secretary.

“He is an honest and simple person, and he will be the point of contact in assisting our constituents. Under my direction, he will manage all works in the constituency,” he said.


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