The coast witnessed heavy crowds flocking to the beaches during the weekend


Drishti’s lifesaver averted suicide at Morjim when he spotted a 29-year-old male from Maharastra entering the water. Noticing that something may be amiss the lifesaver followed the victim. The lifesaver called out to him asking him to return to shore but the victim refused. The vigilant lifesaver approached him carefully and pulled him ashore. On return to the shore, the male was handed over to the police for assistance.

In another incident, a single rescue was conducted at Shirdona wherein a local 25-year-old male who was heavily intoxicated with alcohol had collapsed in waist-level water. On noticing him, lifesaver Sharif Pinjar secured him and brought him to shore. Afterwhich, the victim started throwing up, and when his airway was cleared oxygen was administered to him. When he was stabilized later, the ambulance arrived but the victim was not willing to go to the hospital for further check-ups.

Meanwhile, at Morjim medical assistance was provided to a 26-year-old man from Goa who was heavily intoxicated with alcohol and had collapsed on the shoreline water. He was brought to shore by a Lifesaver and his airway was cleared as he had vomited and oxygen was immediately administered. The ambulance was called and he was shifted to the hospital. As per reports from the hospital, the victim is now safe and sound.

Subsequently, a 22-year-old male was reported missing by friends at Morjim. Lifesaver Aman Salgaonkar who was stationed at the tower undertook a search operation and within 20 minutes the missing person was found 400 m away from the right side of the tower and was handed over to his friends.

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