NGO Jeevan Anand from Mapusa which is working to rehabilitate the destitute people on the streets of Mapusa town from the point of view of humanity and to give them a good life has collaborated with other social organizations to organise a rally on 9th April


Addressing a news conference at Dr.mapusa president of the organisation Santosh Patkar informed that a rally has been organized in Mapusa which will commence at 5 PM. The rally will start from Mapusa Sim and will make its way at the Chacha Nehru Park from Vrindavan Hotel via Union Pharmacy and from Mapusa Urban Bank bank and back to Gandhi Chowk. Sandeep Parab of Jeevan Anand Sansthan will then give an overview of the organisation’s work.Guru Pawaskar will be mentoring this time as the keynote speaker.

Jeevan Anand Sansthan has started a shelter home at Peddem and Mapusa wherein 18 women are currently living there and jeevan anand sansthan has taken the responsibility of their rehabilitation.

Jeevan Anand Sanstha is trying to ensure that not a single person stays on the streets in Mapusa town and the organisation is also working hard to make The City of Mapusa beggar-free it is also supporting the destitute people lying on the streets in a state of despair.

Sandeep Parab said that through this rally, the Jeevan Anand Sansthan will get a lot of workers and co-operation of the people.

Also present for the press conference were Jayesh Chari, Amey Varadkar and others. In order to make the people aware of this organization, The rally will be attended by educational institutions of Saraswat Vidyalaya Sansthan, Mapusa Traders Association, Rotary Club of Goa and Rotract Club of Mapusa.

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