Aldona MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira carried out an inspection of ponds, bunds, sluice gates and agricultural water channels at Ponolem, Calvim, Gondcoi, Coimbavaddo and Ranoi on Friday.

The inspection was carried out along with engineers of the water resources department.

The inspection first commenced at Calvim, where people expressed concerns regarding various issues, including demand for setting up of speed breakers.

Later, the team travelled to Ponolem and Goncoi to inspect the broken sluice gates and breached bunds, and assured farmers that repair works would be taken up at the earliest.

Another inspection was carried out of the blocked agricultural water channels and the breached bunds at Ranoi that has cut off access to certain fields, making it difficult for farmers to undertake cultivation.

The team also visited the fields at Coimbavaddo, where the MLA said that desilting of the water channels is needed. He said that no-objection certificate of the comunidadade is required to carry out the work, for which he will put up a request as this needs to be taken up on priority.

“During my door to door election campaign, I had made a note of the problems faced by the people. I am ready to help farmers. It is a good beginning, and we will see the results soon. People have told me these are issues have been pending for nearly 8 to 15 years. It is my duty to resolve the problems. We won’t look at the past. However, resolving these issues will take time. Urgent works will be taken up first. We will put up the proposals before the authorities concerned,” Ferreira said.

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