MAPUSA: Congress Leader from Vijay L . Bhike accused the BJP-led government of failing to control rising fuel prices and inflation in the country. He slammed the BJP government for failing to fulfil the promises made at the time of elections and demanded immediate relief by reducing taxes on petrol, diesel and LPG.

“The BJP government post-election continues to be insensitive towards the common man. There is no economic justification for the rise in petrol, diesel, and LPG prices,” he said.

The DSS, Griha Aadhar scheme and the Ladli Lakshmi Scheme money which is kept pending of several Goans should be cleared at the earliest.

“The government claims that payments under the social welfare scheme have been delayed owing to the financial crunch faced by the state on account of the pandemic. One can recall that Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant had distributed financial assistance and sanctions orders under various schemes to the people in his constituency just before the elections,” highlighted Bhike.

He also mentioned that the Goa Electricity Mobility Promotion Policy 2021 launched in December to promote usage of e-vehicles was a mere election gimmick. The state government had also assured to provide subsidies to the buyers of e-vehicles, and set up charging infrastructure.

“Recently, the Environment and PWD Minister, Nilesh Cabral advised people to switch over to electric vehicles by availing government subsidies. Till date so many are yet to receive their subsidy and as of March 31 this subsidy also has also been discontinued. He is also urging people to use electric vehicles if they are troubled by the fuel hike. All the ministers should also use electric bikes and cars so they can save taxpayers money,” said Bhike.

“If the price of gas cylinders becomes Rs. 1000 will he tell the people to stop cooking or go back to the earlier days of cooking on firewood? The BJP government is not here for the people or to find concrete solutions to the issues plaguing the common man. They are here only to fool and loot the people,” he signed off.

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