A pious statue portraying Jesus carrying the cross was taken out in a solemn procession at Calangute on Monday


This procession is part of the of the holy week observance which includes the last supper of Jesus, the death of Jesus on the cross, and finally his resurrection from the dead.

During the procession there was the rendering of the somber chants which were inter-spaced with reflection on Christian life and morals within the light of the scriptures, delivered by a priest. Also a statue of the mother of Jesus depicting her sorrow while she witnessed her son Jesus carrying the cross was also shown to thr public at the procession.

After this procession there was the hymn of Veronica wherein a young female from the community was selected to enact the scene of Veronica wiping the face of Jesus with a cloth while he was on his way to be crucified on the cross as mentioned in Bible.

After that the female enrolled the imprint of the face of Jesus which was venerated by the public . After the procession, a priest also preached on the suffering of Jesus and how it is related to lives of the people .The statues were then taken to the Saint Alex Church and kept for public veneration.

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