Leader of the Opposition and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo said that since all the voters had the right to elect their candidate in the panchayat elections, the panchayat elections should not be held at the party level or else the panchayat will belong to only one party.

Michael Lobo was speaking to reporters after inaugurating the work of asphalting the hot mixing of Chogam Road at Naikavado, Calangute. He was accompanied by Calangute Sarpanch ShawMartins, Deputy Sarpanch cheryl Lobo, other five members and villagers. the works of hot mixing of the roads will be undertaken at a cost Rs 7 and a half crore which will be undertaken by GSIDC the locals have demanded with the authorities to take up the repair works of the road urgently as this stretch of the road has a lot of traffic going to Mapusa and the village saligao. The deep potholes which had developed on the stretch had made it difficult especially for the two wheeler riders as their vehicles are getting damaged. this entire which had road been two lane road has been converted into a four lane road with a divider in the middle and at various places there are intersections with gaps in the middle.

. calangute sarpanch Shawn martins said that Coconut trees will now be planted on both sides of the hot mixing road. MLA Lobo said that we will always support good work.

“the people had to go through a lot of hardships as it was in a dilapidated condition and we apologize to the people and i request the support of the people to co-operate as it the road will be made one way and we expect the people to cooperate and in a couple of weeks this entire stretch will be opened for the public” said Sarpanch shawn martins

“Today it is nearly 8 years since we had started the works of this road and at that time this road was only five and a half meters starting from saligao till the saint Alex church and so much traffic had c had increased on the road due to flow of Indian tourist using this road and it was very important that this road had to be widened and a lot of people have contributed to this road ” said Lobo

speaking on the issue of waste disposal project Lobo said that it is one of the best projects But some non-governmental organizations were only trying to do dirty politics to show that they are active as the panchayat elections are approaching.

the people have the right elect their candidate and it is not about any political party so the panchayat elections should not be held at the party level, otherwise a panchayat may belong to a particular party” said lobo

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