4 Student teams from GIM make it to the finals of the renowned Aim to Flourish 2022


Teams from GIM work on Social Development Goals (SDGs) that make it to the finals of the prestigious Aim2Flourish prize 2022

Panjim, April 2022: Making their mark, 4 student teams from Goa Institute of Management (GIM) have made it to the much-coveted finals of Aim2Flourish among 685 participants from around the globe.

AIM2Flourish is an initiative of the Cleveland, Ohio-based Fowler Center for Business as an agent of world benefit at the Weatherhead School of Management-Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Divya Singal, Chairperson, Centre for Social Sensitivity and Action, GIM, expressed her thoughts and said, “Four stories written by our students have made it to the finalist’s list, our students have made a mark this year as well, Last year in 2021, 5 stories from GIM reached the finals and one story on Jaipur Rugs won the Flourish Prize 2021 for SDG 8”.

The four student teams put up stellar stories on pressing matters at hand that are of concern to the globe and in their stories they have come up with unique and ingenious innovations. One team’s story was ‘ Every Drop Counts’ and they tackled the issue of water sanitation, the second story was ‘The Sustainable Bricks’ and covered various SDG (Sustainable Development Goals ) which have the element of sustainability, another team’s story was ‘Avani Earthcraft ’ which revolves around empowerment through innovation and its product was ethical and sustainable clothing, the fourth team’s story ‘Mitti Cool’ was about moulding lives with eco-friendly innovations and was an eye-opener to how business are heading towards the vision of a greener and a healthier planet.

Speaking about their experience, the student team of Sustainable Bricks said, “Aim2flourish has been an eye-opener for our team. From understanding the U.N goals to finding a story that was worth featuring, every step has brought in key learning for all of us. We started with the dream of making it to the finals and we believe that with proper guidance, good intent, and hard work anything can be achieved.”

The B-school has collaborated with Aim2Flourish which is the world’s first higher education program that combines the UN global goals for sustainable development and business as an agent of world benefit.

Using the UN Global Goals as their lens the students had to research and identify a positive business innovation and conduct an appreciative inquiry type of interview about it and prove their mettle among 685 innovative entries received from all corners of the world.

Entries opened in 2021 for the Flourish Prizes, 2022. The 2022 Flourish Prizes finalists include 84 stories from 31 universities in 20 countries under the guidance of 41 different professors. The businesses profiled come from 28 countries and more than 18 industries. Each year AIM2Flourish awards the 17 Flourish Prizes, one for each of the 17 Global Goals, to stories written during the previous calendar year. Last year in 2021, 5 stories from GIM reached the finals and one story on Jaipur Rugs won the Flourish Prize 2021.


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