iTOP programme for dentists


Dr.Tar’s Dental Centre in association with Curaprox, a swiss premium oral care brand, conducted a iTOP programme for dentists at Dr.Tar Dental centre in Mapusa on 28 April 2022. iTOP, which stands for individually trained oral prophylaxis, is a prevention oriented programme focusing on controlling the main cause of oral diseases: biofilm. The programme enabled the dentists to provide evidence based solutions for plaque related dental diseases through daily biofilm management, patient motivation and reinforcement.
Dr.Kishore H C (Head of education curaden)was the speaker for the programme and the chief guest being Dr.Amita Kenkre (HOD Community and Public Health Dentistry GDC). Mr.Mahesh SG , vice president of Curaden India, Mr.Santosh, National sales manager and Mr Giriraj, Social Media manager were present on the occasion.
Programme was attended by Dr.Gajanan Tar, Dr.Malika Tar, Dr.Nupur Tar, Dr.Hethel Bhakta, Dr.Ruhina Choudhary, Dr.Kavita Gadekar, Dr.Prakash Shivajirao Desai, Dr.Saroj Prakash Desai, Dr.Simran Prakash Desai, Dr.Priya De Sousa, Dr.Yatin Raikar, Dr.Abhijit P Sadekar, Dr.Aditya V Bandodkar and Dr.Nitin Rivankar and was a big success.

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