PANAJI: Cumbharjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai has said that restoration and rejuvenation of water bodies will be carried out across the constituency. He also said that repairs of bunds and sluice gates in khazan lands will be taken up on priority.

The MLA recently carried out an inspection of the damaged sluice gates at Divar and Carambolim.

Faldessai said that breaches in bunds will be repaired and submerged fields will be drained so that cultivation can be undertaken. The repairs will be initiated through the water resources department, he said.

“Within a year, I will take up repairs of the damaged bunds that have affected the villages of Divar, St Estevam and Cumbharjua. This will not only help revive agriculture in the fertile lands, but also protect vulnerable areas from rising water levels,” he said.

Faldessai pointed out that during the monsoon, the entrance to the villages of Divar, Vanxim, St Estevam, Dauji and the other low-lying areas are inundated.

“People cannot travel and the ferries cannot dock due to the gushing water overflowing on the roads, jetties and bunds. People residing in these areas have been highlighting their grievances that the bunds need to be repaired, The height of the road has to be increased, and the bunds need to be reinforced to prevent flooding,” he added.

He also said that awareness will be created among farmers in a bid to revive agriculture.

Faldessai also said that important works regarding conservation and beautification of the Carambolim lake need to be expedited.

“We are hopeful that conservation as well as beautification works of the lake will be taken up. The plan for the beautification works is ready, and we will complete the necessary formalities in this regard so that work can start in this regard. This will hugely benefit the people as well as provide employment opportunities,” Faldessai said.

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