Aldona MLA pleased as WRD begins clearing Mapusa River of water hyacinth



Aldona MLA pleased as WRD begins clearing Mapusa River of water hyacinth

MAPUSA: The Water Resources Department on Monday began work on the de-weeding of the Mapusa River that has been clogged by the invasive Water Hyacinth weed that was choking the flow of the water.

Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira welcomed the commencing of the work and thanked minister for Water Resources Subhash Shirodkar for starting the work in a timely manner.

“I’m very glad that the works have been commenced by the WRD department. You are aware that the river was completely clogged. I had met Subhash Shirodkar and had also written letters to him and he had paid heed to our letter,” Adv Ferreira, said.

“I would like to thank Shirodkar, he is a dynamic minister. We had also mentioned the issue to the Chief Minister when he came for inauguration of Tar bridges,” Adv Ferreira said. He also thanked the Chief Minster Dr Pramod Sawant for his prompt response.

The river will be rid of weeds a total of 9kms length starting from Hotel Green Park in Guirim and going up to Moira and beyond.

“There is flooding in Guirim, Bastora and Paliem too because of the clogging of the River. The water hyacinth is an invasive species that is killing the river and the wish through denying sunlight to the water below. With this the ecosystem also changes and other types of fish, that we cannot eat begin to thrive in the river,” Adv Ferreira said.

The clogged Mapusa River that began after the bridge contractor blocked the river to make a temporary bridge while a new bridge was being constructed across the Mapusa River led to the proliferation of the water hyacinth. Volunteer groups that had attempted to clear the area had highlighted the issue and demanded that the bridge be cleaned at the earliest lest the river die a slow and painful death also killing the nearby towns and villages.

The contractor said the work will take a few weeks to complete and will continue well into the monsoons, which will be of no hindrance since the machines can operate even during the monsoons.

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