BJP adopting politics of vendetta, says Aldona MLA




BJP adopting politics of vendetta, says Aldona MLA

PANAJI: Stating that the BJP-led central government is adopting “vindictive politics”, Aldona MLA Carlos Alvares Ferreira said that the Centre should stop this and rather focus on pressing issues affecting the common man.

He was speaking at a protest rally by the Congress party to condemn the Enforcement Directorate’s summons to party leaders Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald case and the latter’s subsequent questioning on Monday.

“You don’t take up personal matters like these to score political brownies. You want to say Congress Mukt Bharat by putting people in jail. This will rebound on you. If you point one finger, four fingers point back at you,” he said.

Stating that the move to equate granting of a loan as a criminal act is “completely wrong”, Ferreira said, “I always advocate, as a lawyer as well, that registration of an FIR is a serious matter, and even the arrest of an individual is even more serious. The ED authorities are acting under the PMLA Act which has been enforced with retrospective powers because these are old matters. One of the questions that will need to be looked into is whether ED has jurisdiction to entertain such a complaint now in respect of matters previously handled. Matters related to loans, its repayment, etc, is not a criminal offence. At the most, it is a civil matter which only the Congress party can ask for,” he said.

This type of vendetta politics which is prevalent in BJP-ruled states across the country is spilling on the roads, the Congress MLA said.

“If the Central government does not take corrective action, I can assure that people will come on to the roads and teach the central government how it should behave and govern. The government should focus on unemployment and economic fiasco. You don’t give benefits to one or two individuals so that they can benefit and prosper. You look across the nation, whether it’s the ports, airports, railways…they are being gifted on platters to various people at the cost of the common man. Prices are skyrocketing, people don’t have money in their pockets. And you want to celebrate your 8 years and victories using taxpayers’ money. I think this is a criminal act..We must rectify these kinds of things and stop this kind of vendetta,” he said.

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