The all Congress frontals and congress  workers on Monday held a peacful protest  Mapusa against the Centre’s new Agnipath


The all Congress frontals and congress  workers on Monday held a peacful protest  Mapusa against the Centre’s new Agnipath military recruitment scheme and demanded an immediate rollback of the Agnipath scheme.
the congress workers protesting  against the scheme said  that these schemes stipulated a four-year-tenure for recruits and discharge without pension, including workers of affiliated units like the Youth Congress, NSUI, and Mahila Congress.
Addressing  reporters at Mapusa president of the Goa pradesh mahila congress  attacked the Centre over the Agnipath and called the government
“The scheme seeks to recruit in the armed forces youths in the age bracket of 17-and-half to 21 years for only four years with a provision to retain 25 per cent of them for 15 more years” she sad
“The NDA government at the Centre is not serious about addressing the unemployment problem in the country but by bringing in the Agnipath scheme, it has made jobs contractual in defence sector” said naik  demanding  an immediate rollback of the scheme, naik said .
“Agnipath scheme is simply a move towards the contractualisation of defence jobs. youth congress president Varad Mardolkar also hit out at the BJP-led government at the Centre for its ill-conceived Agnipath scheme and said it is not only anti-youth but also against the interests of the country.
Mardolkar  claimed that there are a number of Job vacancies in the country in the government sector which needs to be filled. he further said that the agniveers won’t get employment or pension after completing their service duration of four years
Lashing out at the government for using army officers to defend its policy,congress  media cell in charge  Amarnath Panjikar said the army has been insutted with  the imposition of this scheme  politicised in the past seven decades.Thousands of youths who had qualified preliminary tests and were preparing for the final selection for the past three years and now have been left in lurch, he said.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi  has  only arbitrarily imposed several such schemes on the people and put them in distress and We  know  that this scheme is only an election scheme ” Panjikar further said

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