Keri New English High School students vow to eradicate malaria


Keri New English High School students vow to eradicate malaria !

“Jan Jan ka yahi hai nara, malaria mukt ho gaav hamara” is the message conveyed by the school students in Keri village today.

Awareness program on possible diseases from malaria and mosquitoes was held at New English High School in Keri Pedne.

The event was jointly organized by the Central Hospital of Tuye Pedne.
This time Awareness Program Head Yashwant Pednekar, Assistant Mahima Chari, Pundalik Desai, Health Inspector of the hospital, Ranjeel Morjkar, ICE Officer, Sumedha, Brother Gaurish Shetgaonkar, a round was organized in the village to raise awareness about malaria. Also, a ninth grader performed an awareness street play in the Keri market.
The awareness drive concluded in the school hall. On this occasion, Health Inspector Pundalik Desai, ICE Officer Ranjil Morjkar raised awareness about the spread of diseases including malaria, dengue, Chikungunya and mosquitoes. They also informed the students about the measures that can be taken to prevent this outbreak.

The headmaster of the school Bhavarth Mandrekar introduced the program. Program was Hosted by Yashwant Pednekar while Neelam Mahaldar proposed vote os thanks.

Students of Keri Pernem New English High School students participating in the Malaria Awareness along with Pundalik Desai, Yashwant Pednekar, Mahima Chari, Gaurish Shetgaonkar, Ranjil Morjkar and others.

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