Photography workshop inaugurated at New English High Keri Pernem


Photography workshop inaugurated at New English High Keri Pernem

Innovative Initiative to focus on life skill education

Keri: 30 June, 2022
A photography workshop was inaugurated today at New English High School in Keri Pedne. The workshop is organized under the project “New Vocation for New Generation” for life skills development in children.

The workshop is being conducted under the guidance of renowned Chennai-based photographer Shiv Subramaniam. He is currently in Goa for the Arambola web series project.

Under his guidance, the workshop has been conducted for selected ten students of Keri New English High School. The one-month workshop will conclude in the last week of July.

New English High School intends to impart self-reliance and creativity to the children through various vocational training programs under the ‘New Vocation for New Generation’ scheme with the aim of imparting vocational skilled education to the students along with the school curriculum, said school Principal Bhavarth Mandrekar.

Teacher Guruprasad Tandel is the head of the project and in future various vocational trainings will be organized, said Mandrekar.

Renowned Tamil photographer Shiv Subramaniam guiding a photography workshop under the New Vocation for New Generation project at Keri Pedne. Accompanied by Project Head Guruprasad Tandel and Bhavarth Mandrekar.

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