Students Council Election at Keri New English High School Keri ,03


Students Council Election at Keri New English High School

Keri ,03
Student council elections were held at New English High School. Today’s students are the capable citizens of tomorrow’s India. These elections were held at the school with the objective of training students in school life by acting and respecting democratic and constitutional values.

The School Election Commission during the election period Procedures include announcing elections, filling up nomination forms, scrutinizing applications, withdrawing nominations, giving election symbols, publishing manifestos, personal and public campaigns, enforcing codes of conduct. Presiding officers, who then assisted in the actual voting at the polling station. Polling officers, submission of voter lists, identity cards, voting, securing the ballot box, strengthening the concept of one person one vote, keeping the ballot box safe and counting the votes in front of the candidates to ensure transparency in the voting process and their victory march after winning. The school plans to prepare students for leadership development through the swearing-in ceremony and subsequent actual work

Sarvesh Korgaonkar and Alfred Rodrigues acted as election Commissioner for the school’s student body in Keri. Saurabh Pednekar, Mahima Chari and Namrata Ajgaonkar acted as polling Officers. Jefferin Rodriguez, Shivaji Naik served as Police Conservator, Mahesh Kaloji, Supriya Kerkar as Returning Officer. On the other hand, Yashwant Pednekar, Guruprasad Tandel, Neelam Mahaldar, Sharmila Naik, Satyawan Harji, Nishita Akarkar, Riteish Bhatlekar provided special assistance to streamline the counting and re-counting process.

For the first time in the school, the students have got the experience of this election. The newly elected student body for the year 2022-23 is as follows:

General Secretary: Vinayak Govekar (74 votes) A ​​total of seven candidates were in the fray for the post. He defeated Vedanta Talkar by a margin of 18 votes.

Education Minister: Chaitali Rangnekar (75 votes) defeated Saina Talkar by just one vote. Cultural Minister Sarvam Talkar (85 votes), Sports Minister Raghunath Sawal (77 votes) Health Minister Diya Umesh Shetye (107 votes)
And as the Minister of Discipline, Sailee Uday Parab won with a record 124 votes.
Similarly, poorvi Talkar, Ayushi Kaloji, Soham Talkar, Sayali Satale, Samiksha Kanoji, Sakshi Sawal were elected as class representatives.

The School Headmaster Bhavarth Mandrekar praise the efforts undertaken by the staff in conducting the election procedure and same time
Congratulated the winning General Secretary, Class Representatives and tge Ministers of Student Council.


Students and teachers at New English High School in Keri Pedne exercise their right to vote in a student council election.

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