ignoring Old Goa Police station


Faldessai slams govt for ignoring Old Goa Police station
PANAJI: Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai slammed at the government for failing to provide a proper police station premises for the Old Goa Police Station despite the

“For a very long time now we have not had a proper police station for Old Goa. We need a state of the art police station that matches the importance of the area. I don’t really know what the earlier MLA was doing but the current police station is in a dilapidated condition,” Faldessai said while speaking during the motion for demands for grants to the Home Department.

“Old Goa receives more than 20,000 tourists each day. It is an area of crucial heritage, tourism and cultural importance. There are so many holy shrines and yet the area is completely lacking in facilities,” Faldessai pointed out.

The police station covers an area of 91 square kilometres and has to deal with a population of nearly one lakh, he stressed.

Faldessai urged the government to give an additional two outposts to the area considering the large areas involved including one outpost in Divar and another outpost in St Estevam, which he said is necessary to enable quick response times to any exigency falling under their jurisdiction.

“We need a police outpost staffed with at least four constables and an ASI who will be able to respond to any situation should it so arise in Divar and in St Estevam,” Faldessai said urging the government to for once take a look at the dilapidated condition of the Old Goa police station that he said was leaking from all sides, offered the police no proper place to sit or rest and is currently being held up by a plastic sheet to keep out the rain.

Faldessai also called on the Goa government to build a few small jetties in the constituency under the Sagar Mala project which he said will help the local people with their own employment and self employment ventures allowing them to start boat based businesses and can also help those who own small boats to get them repaired.

The MLA also called for the government to strengthen the coastal police in his constituency in order to enable them to reach between villages faster and tackle other illegalities in the areas.

Faldessai had made the strengthening of the Old Goa Police Station as one of his election promises and has promised that he will work to fulfill them.

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