Faldesai vows to never allow garbage plant at Bainguinim


Faldesai vows to never allow garbage plant at Bainguinim


PANAJI: Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldesai vowed to never allow the Bainguinuim garbage treatment plant to go ahead and accused the former MLA of the constituency of sleeping over the issue.

“The previous MLA was sleeping. I am vigilant which is why I will never allow the plant to come up there. I went to the site and I have seen the situation and have sat with the people and discussed the issue,” Faldessai said.

“If you see there are about 2000 flats in the vicinity of the site and about 6,000 to 7,000 people are staying at the site. Besides that there are the Churches of Old Goa, the Mutt, schools, hospitals and all this will be destroyed, the Carambolim lake so we want that the plant be taken out from there and taken to a place where there is no habitation,” Faldesai said.

Faldesai took up the issue of the Bainguinim plant in the assembly along with other opposition MLAs.

“I have been elected now for the last four months. What happened before that, what the MLA did, what the panchayat did is not my concern. The plan was allowed only because it appeared there was some dealing between them and which is why the plant was allowed to come up there,” he added.

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