Faldesai seeks better health facilities for Cumbarjua constituency


Faldesai seeks better health facilities for Cumbarjua constituency


PANAJI: Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldessai demanded that the government improve the health facilities to the residents in his constituency pointing out that despite being a large and fairly spread out constituency, health facilities were sorely lacking putting the people of the constituency at huge inconvenience.

Speaking during the discussion on demands for grants to the Health Department, Faldessai highlighted the pitiable conditions of the health centres in Old Goa, Cumbarjua, St. Estevam sought that besides upgradation the constituency also be provided with a hospital where those facing emergency situations can be admitted.

“There is a health centre in Old Goa which is housed in a very small room. The patients who come there are made to experience a complete lack of facilities. They are not taken care of in a proper way. I demand that the government shift the health centre to a bigger space where we can take care of the people in a proper manner. The current place is so small that it can accommodate only two people at a time and if there are more there isn’t even a place for them to stand there,” Faldesai said.

“Similarly in Cumbarjua there is a health centre whose situation is also very bleak. Some days the doctor is not there, somedays the nurse is not there. I do not understand what is going on? The health centres need attention to ensure that the doctors and staff are there from Monday to Friday. Cumbarjua is a village that has a resident population of 10,000 people. It is a similar situation in St Estevam where the health centre is understaffed and if the villagers need anything then I personally ensure that their needs are fulfilled,” he added.

Faldesai also sought that the government build a 25-bedded hospital in Divar which currently has two health centres which caters not only to the residents of the island but also to other villages like Vanxim, Naroa and Sapkoteshwar.

“Today to cross the river one has to use the ferry boats on all sides. If the river rises as we have seen over the last few days then the villagers are completely stranded. If there is a health emergency during a time like this, the people will have nowhere to go. If a 25-bedded hospital is built in Divar it will not only help the residents of the island but even from Naroa and Sapkoteshwar, who usually find it very difficult to reach Goa Medical College at Bambolim,” he said.

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