Rajesh flags pending wrd projects in Cumbarjua


Rajesh flags pending wrd projects in Cumbarjua

PANAJI: Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldesai urged the government to fast track several pending project proposals like that of the Carambolim lake development, the repair of the bandhs of the island villages as well as the lack of employment among locals at the Corlim industrial estate.

Speaking during the discussion on demands for the water resources, the transport and the labour departments, the MLA pointed out that several projects have been tendered several times but failed to get off the ground.

“For the Carambolim lake all the formalities have been completed. It was tendered two times. We were told that the work should begin soon, but it appears that it is never taking off. The Carambolim lake is an important project since there are few other employment opportunities in the constituency,” Faldesai said.

Faldessai also raised the issue of the Tale bandh in Carambolim which he said was tendered three times and yet the work didn’t start.

“The work on the bandh was tendered three times. But the work is never getting done. When the floods come, the water enters people’s homes and goes even above their beds. Last year the situation was very bad. I think the government is waiting for some calamity to happen before the work will be done,” he said.

Speaking on employment, Faldesai demanded with the minister to improve the conditions of the Corlim industrial estate, whose bad situation, he said, was deterring industries from opening there.

“Corlim industries are being neglected. The Corlim industrial estate has the biggest industries and the oldest in the state. Yet they do not have any facilities. If you look at the situation the roads are in bad shape, no lights, no system of getting garbage and waste collected from there. Also many units are closed. If you had good facilities then industries will be attracted to the industrial estate. We will have to show future investors a better picture,” he said.


“There are big industries in the form of Syngenta and Deccan Fine Chemicals. However they have not employed a single local. Each time we inquire they say they are doing it in a few days, a few weeks, a few months. But on they sly they are advertising posts in newspapers outside the state and the locals are being ignored. I think it is only if we hold a dharna blocking the gate, will they wake up,” he added.

“At the Karmali railway station, the locals who have taxis have to keep waiting for the number which never comes. People from across the state come there and take customers but our locals get no opportunities,” he added.

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