Faldesai wants better tourist facilities for Old Goa, Divar; Seeks Kala Bhavan in constituency


Faldesai wants better tourist facilities for Old Goa, Divar; Seeks Kala Bhavan in constituency

PANAJI: Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldesai on Wednesday called on the Tourism Department to renovate the tourism park next to the Divar Church which he said will attract more tourists and improve tourism on the island.

“If you sit in that park you get a wonderful view of the Mandovi River as well as of the Atal Sethu. I ask the minister that the park be renovated so that many tourists can come there. The locals will get jobs and some business. There is a lot of scope for developing tourism in the area especially if we give a good project it will help bring tourists and business to the wonderful village life of the island,” he said.

Faldesai also highlighted the situation around the Old Goa heritage complex, which he said was facing issues like inadequate parking and was convenience to both tourists and locals.

“At Old Goa and average of 6,500 people come to see the Churches every day. There is a big issue of parking there. I ask the tourism minister to allow for the parking to be handled by the local panchayat at the area owned by the Tourism Department. At present there is no account of who is doing what. Who is fleecing the tourist and keeping the money, there is no record,” he said.

Taking up the issue of sports, the MLA said that the government should improve the facilities at the grounds of Carambolim, Malar, Sao Mathias and Cumbarjua.

“If there are good facilities kept at these grounds, in the form of a pavilion, changing rooms and washrooms, the youth who use them will benefit. Today there are no facilities there. A lot of youth in the village are very talented and if given the facilities they can reach even to the national level,” he said adding that the children and youth of the village are crazy for football, cricket etc.

Faldesai also called on the Minister of Art and Culture to build a Kala Bhavan in the constituency so that the theatre and other artistes can showcase their craft.

“In my constituency there are many artistes including drama, tiatr and other art forms. In fact I can go ahead and say that they are among the best in the state. You name the art form and there will be a troupe from my constituency who is competing at the highest level. Yet we do not have a Kala Bhavan. I request the minister to look into this,” he said.

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