Faldesai seeks timely disbursal of agriculture subsidies


Faldesai seeks timely disbursal of agriculture subsidies


PANAJI: Cumbarjua MLA Rajesh Faldesai on Friday called for the expeditious disbursal of subsidies under the various schemes of the agriculture department saying even a little urgency will go a long way in helping the farmer not just of his constituency but across the state.

“The Agriculture department itself has around 50-60 schemes right from sowing till harvesting. But the subsidy that is given does not come on time. It will make a big difference to the farmers if the subsidy is disbursed on time. In my constituency a majority of people are farmers who depend on this money and even a little time disbursal of the money will go a long way in helping them,” Faldesai said.

“Faldesai also raised the issue of broken bandhs in his constituency pointing specifically to the Dauji tenants association which has sought government help in repairing the bandhs. The paperwork is completed and only the tendering is left. I would request the government to expeditiously complete the work,” he said.

Faldesai also sought that the government which gives saplings to the MLAs to distribute among their constituencies be given more and more saplings. “The last time you have given us 1,000 saplings but they weren’t enough especially for my constituency and I had to buy some saplings to distribute among the panches and sarpanches,” he said.

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