Goan Brand – Forest Spice Gin brings home the Spiritz Award


Goan Brand – Forest Spice Gin brings home the Spiritz Award


The Tonia Group takes immense pleasure in announcing that Forest Spice Gin won it big at the prestigious Spiritz Selection Awards 2022 securing two Silver medals – One was for Liquid Tasting/Quality while the other for its Packaging.


The Spiritz Selection celebrates brands for their exemplary quality and excellence in packaging and is recognised as one of the most coveted ratings of alcoholic beverages brands through blind tasting process. This is the first of its kind in India.


“The brand Forest Spice Gin was in a very tough competition against some of the top brands of the world. This is a moment of achievement and a matter of honour for the Tonia Group and the State of Goa.” says Mario Sequeira, M.D. – The Tonia Group (Liquor Division). “This isn’t just another Gin or yet another variant. Through Forest Spice, we have endeavoured to bring back the original Dutch Gin experience to restore and honour the Gin history, diversity and global reach of this exceptional Genever type golden straw coloured Gin. The original recipe dates back almost 100 years to the Holland of old.“


Forest Spice also marks the entry of a new era at the Tonia Group as the Company augments its green initiative in an effort to preserve the natural beauty and reserves that have been depleted over time. The product has received a very enthusiastic response within days of its launch and this award reinforces our efforts towards creating a culture that appreciates and embraces greener practices.


The winning brands were judged by eminent internationally renowned jury panels through a series of blind tastings and evaluation of their packaging (separate panel for each category) covering approximately 450 participating brands with each of the nominated brands being evaluated through strictly defined parameters. The awards ceremony was an exciting affair with notable names and leading brands from across the alocobev industry in attendance. The Spiritz Awards 2022 expanded to several categories showcasing the collective excellence of some of the top brands of the alcobev industry.


About Tonia

Founded by Dr Antonio Sequeira, The Tonia Group started its journey in 1970 with the manufacture of Cashew and Coconut fenny. By 1985, the group forayed into Wines & Spirits with the production of quality Indian whisky, brandy rum, gin and quality grape wines. The group is today very well known for its range of San Andre Liqueurs, Villa Vercelli Tequila, Wines and Spirits. ‘Our products have found preference and have made excellent souvenirs for those travelling to Goa. One of the brands, ‘Tonia Pick Coffee’ is remembered even to this day. We are proud of our journey and look forward to sharing the Tonia Experience with many more”.



Mr. Aleixo Sequeira, Mr. Norman Sequeira, Mr. Mario Sequeira,

Our Master Blender & Wine Wizard Fernando


Our popular Brands / Signature Products:

San Andre Liqueurs, San Andre Club Port Wine, Dom Sanchos Club Port Wine, Villa Vercelli Silver Tequila


Photos: Forest Spice.

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