Aldona MLA keeps promise on cleaning choked drain


Aldona MLA keeps promise on cleaning choked drain

Panaji: Cleaning of the roadside drainage near Institute of Charity of Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Asilo, Aldona was taken up on Saturday.

This comes after Aldona Congress MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira conducted an inspection of the site recently and had promised to take up the cleaning works on priority.

Residents had raised the issue of choked drains in the area that was impeding the flow of rainwater.

Despite that such works are to be undertaken by the Panchayats, considering that the Panchayat was ineffective just before the expiry of their terms and then the bodies were superseded, not to inconvenience the villagers, workers cleared the extensive overgrowth along the shoulders of the road and also desilted the drainage by opening the RCC slab covers.

The MLA also thanked former Aldona panch member Jyotsna Nagde for her “persistent effort and follow up” in completing the work.


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