Govt out to suppress dissent, common man reeling under price rise: Aldona MLA




Govt out to suppress dissent, common man reeling under price rise: Aldona MLA

PANAJI: The BJP-led government is out to silence those who voice their opposition, while the common man reels under inflation and price rice, said Aldona Congress MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira.

He was speaking during a protest organised by the Congress Party against price rise and unemployment at Panaji on Friday.

Ferreira said that the government has a one-point agenda to bulldoze and get things done by all means.

“The government is trying to silence those who voice their opposition. They are threatening people. The moment you speak out, the ED and CBI hound you. This is not democracy. Such things never happened during the days of the Congress. No one was threatened, no one was put behind bars. People protested on the streets, and the Congress government at times accepted certain demands and even rolled back some decisions,” he said.

The MLA pointed out that people are afraid to protest despite the increase in essential items. He also said the government has introduced tough laws that have made it difficult for people to operate, and that everyone, including the traders and businessmen, were happy during the time of Congress rule.

“GST has been increased on daily essential items used by the common man. You promised acche din. You got a second term, and yet people are suffering. Instead of having these ‘big festivals’ and celebrating one thing or the other, the government should go to the common man, find out what they need and reach out to them. The government is spending money on wrong priorities. Instead, the government should spend money on the common man. It is sad to see our economy is sliding into recession,” he said.

Speaking on the forthcoming panchayat elections, Ferreira appealed to the electorate to vote for good candidates.

“We are hoping to get good people elected across Goa. We can make a good beginning. We must try to achieve this. If the people bring back corrupt people, family raj and unwanted characters, then the people themselves suffer,” he said.


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