The issue of rising Dengue cases dominated gram sabha of Calangute held on Sunday other issues which dominated the gram sabha included the stray cattle menance, touts operating openly,


The issue of rising Dengue cases dominated gram sabha of Calangute held on Sunday other issues which dominated the gram sabha included the stray cattle menance, touts operating openly, ineffective garbage management system, haphazard parking, illegal filling of the fields .

The meeting was delayed for nearly half an hour due to lack of quorum but inspite of a nearly half an hour delay, the gram Sabha saw a very good turn out of people

.The clerk from the panchayat read out the minutes of the previous gram sabha meeting held last year. The budget estimate for Several works to be undertaken in the current financial year were also read out. With regards to the budget allocation villager Premanand Divkar said that the budget figures were only inflated and it was totally unrealistic with regards to garbage management the villagers suggested to the newly elected sarpanch Joseph sequeira to have zoning of garbage areas wherein they the panchayat could identify which areas had the largest amount of garbage dumped sarpanch Joseph sequeira agreed to the proposal and said that he will think about zoning the areas. another local Eknath Narvekar also pointed out to the issue of the the stagnant water near the calangute association football ground which had become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and could give rise to sickness such as dengue and Malaria Sarpanch Joseph sequeira said that he will try and find a solution to this problem at the earliest and clear the accumulated water
The gram sabha which was going on smoothly suddenly erupted with the villagers questioning the sarpanch over the issue of touts and dance bars operating in the village bringing a bad name to the village and demanded to know whether the newly elected panel will take action on the dance bar sarpanch Joseph sequeira said that they will issue a notice to dance bars operating and said that incase they were found doing prostitution they will seal the premises. Sarpanch alos said that they have made letters to the the police to take action against the touts. another local Denzil Dsouza raised the issue of open dumping of garbage leading to the calangute market and demanded to know the action taken by the panchayat to this sarpanch assured that the garbage collection truck will be sent to remove the garbage from the road side leading to the market locals also demanded that there should be sufficient labourers deployed to remove the garbage dumped in bushes in the wards as most the garbage dumped in bushes and there was no sufficient manpower to remove the garbage. another local anthony menezes demanded to know the current situation of the pumping station to this sarpanch Joseph said that the pumping station will be shifted to another location as the current property on which the station was set up belongs to a temple. with regards to the filling of fields sarpanch Joseph sequeira suggested to the villagers to click photos and send it to panchayat incase anyone was spotted filling mud or dumping garbage in the fields and promised of stern action against the wrong doers. Another local Mahey simpurushkar raised the issue of threat to lives of the students going to a prominent school in the village located on the main road in the absence of a speed breaker and requested tha a speed breaker be immediately erected at the spot supporting her the villagers also suggested that traffic police should be deployed at the school to regulate the traffic and also to prevent traffic congestion especially during peak hours while the children are going to school and also after they leave students leave the school. Sarpanch sequeira assured to deploy police personnel at the spot

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