Residents of Mapusa demand strict verification of tenants


Residents of Mapusa demand strict verification of tenants

Residents of Mapusa have demanded that the police and the government to urge all the landlords to do police verification of tenants on strict orders and demanded that penal action against those not following the rules
the delegation of residents was led by congress leader Sanjay barde presented a memorandum to Dysp Jivba dalvi with regards to the child kidnapping cases in Mapusa .

In the memorandum submitted to the DYsp the delegation has pointed out to the dysp to take the matter seriously as a panic situation has risen among the the parents as they have to think twice whether to send their children to school or not and as the exams are fast approaching and the children cannot afford to skip their classes

“the parents think that the shool is a safe place a temple for the children but these kidnappers have tried to taint our education temples as we know the recent case in Saint mary’s school wherein a women in burqua tried to kidnap the little girl students from the school premises” said Barde

“we also acknowledge your efforts as you have deployed your staff outside the school premises also we request you to do the same for all the schools and not only selected schools as all the children are special and precious” barde further said

the delegation further requested Dysp to give strict orders to the school institutions to install the CCTV cameras in the necessary areas in the premises and also to look after the functioning of the CCTV cameras
the delegation further pointed our that the parents also cannot concentrate on their work as their mind is only on thinking whether the children have reached home from school or not there is a school in Camurlim where children walk towards their homes from the school as it is a lonely road and the people don’t roam on the roads

“I will have to go through the memorandum and whatever the answers are needed i have given to them verbally and there is no need to be panic and that there will be constant patrolling done around the premises of the school so that parents worry can become nil” said DYSP Jivba Dalvi

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